Friday, March 14, 2014

Episode 14: ReAle Revival

I've been interviewing people for more than a decade, but this was the first time I ever engaged in an "ambush" interview. True, it was an accidental ambush, but still...
J.T. Merryweather and Chris Brohawn, who own +Realerevival Brewing in Cambridge, were shopping at Xtreme Brewing (where we produce the podcast). They're establishing a pilot system where they will be brewing new beers to start rounding out their repertoire. J.T. said they wanted to make sure they had the beers they're producing now nailed before they started expanding their offerings. But if they can get the beers they used to make as home brewers to scale up nicely, they can start making more beer. What follows from that, they hope, is distribution on the mid Shore, the area north and west of where they are now.

For his part, Doug at Xtreme Brewing just came of a successful class weekend featuring a recipe development class taught by 3rd Wave Brewing's +John Panasiewicz.  Over the next two weeks they'll continue holding classes, including an extract brewing class 2 p.m. Saturday, March 15 and an all grain class beginning noon Saturday, March 22. Signup information is below.
A word on the all grain class:
There is no better way to begin to experience the home brew culture that to come out to an event like this. It is a bunch of craft beer lovers hanging around talking about beer, making beer and drinking beer all afternoon. Doug provides food to offset the beer, and it always is a blast. If you're interested here is a photo gallery from the all grain brew they did during Xtreme Brewing's Laurel grand opening.

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If you are or know anyone who is interested in taking a brewing basics class (the class is free and lots of fun) have them reserve a space here. Taking a class is the best way to figure out whether homebrewing is for you. Many people take several before trying on their own at home.