Friday, February 21, 2014

Episode 12: Shawn Hager

Shawn Hager talking malt at Xtreme Brewing
Yes, Shawn is a bit of a hop head.
Shawn Hager is both guest and host this week. pinch hitting for the vacationing Doug. A regular at Xtreme Brewing, Shawn talks about how he got involved in home brewing and how he came to begin volunteering to help out. What makes Shawn's story particularly interesting is it demonstrates how quickly a committed person can go from noob to teacher. It takes time and practice, for sure, but loving beer doesn't hurt at all.
During the recipe development part of the discussion, Shawn got to brag on one of his new beers, a Citra-IPA, and talk about some of his challenges as a brewer.
There was plenty in the news to discuss, including the possibility, or, rather, likelihood of restaurant house beers. There was a time when pretty much every restaurant had its own house brew. The rise of the hyper-sophisticated home brewer could make that a real possibility. The profit margin on brewing your own beer is outrageously attractive.
On the other side, we spoke about beer apps. Founders produced its own app and announced it this week. For my part, I was suspicious of people having beer specific apps, Shawn felt a little differently. Apps or not, the industry is growing at a rate that won't let talk of bubble and crash die down much. There was a great story in the +Detroit Free Press about beer equilibrium.
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