Monday, May 19, 2014

Episode 21: Tin Cannon Brewing

We were joined this week by +John Hilkert and +Aaron Ludwig of +Tin Cannon Brewing Co. One of our favorite features, when we can make them happen, is when we can speak with homebrewers about their decision to go professional. More than about scaling up, it's always cool to be reminded that the problems, solutions, and small victories in brewing are similar at all scales.
John and Aaron preview some of their beers and plans for their brewery and taproom set to open later this year. One of the fascinating things that most sets the craft beer boom aside from other industries is how regularly many of the next generation breweries are pay as you go. Our guests talk about their plan for growth in terms of small successes financing larger ones. With an increasing number of breweries opening yearly, it seems wise to make sure you're not over leveraged going into a new endeavor. The Tin Cannon guys talk about how the market can dictate their growth without threatening their longterm chances of success.

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