Friday, March 7, 2014

Episode 13: Eric Camper, hop monster

It could be said that brewing takes time, but I prefer the notion of brewing giving time. Over the six-or-so hours it takes to get a beer ready to go, even the most efficient brewer is going to have plenty of time on their hands to drink, to talk, and to plan. Sometimes the plans involved different beers to brew, sometimes they involve different ingredients, but almost always these conversations include improving or better personalizing the beer.
In this week's episode we spoke with +Eric Camper who has been experimenting with growing his own hops. Much of what he learned, he learned through trial and error. But the good
news for anyone interested in trying to grow their own hops is it is unreasonably easy to grow them. Managing the crop, though, turns out to be a challenge. As does experimenting with the different taste and additive possibilities. Eric discusses his wet hop experiment and what he learned from it as well as his plans for tearing up and replanting his hop fields.
If it isn't Saturday, March 8 yet, you still have time to register for the recipe development class at Xtreme Brewing. +John Panasiewicz, brewmaster at 3rd Wave will be on hand beginning at 2 p.m. to talk about putting together a recipe.

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