Thursday, March 20, 2014

Episode 15: Where in the world to get good beer

link to interactive brewery map
Map of participating breweries tapping "Unite" this weekend.
Second things first: In this week's show we spoke about American Light Beer, Women Brewers, and alternate brewing opportunities. But in case you don't finish the show or the rest of the column, click on the adjacent map to find out where you can get beer brewed as part of International Women's Month. I've gone over it regularly as part of the +State of the Beer G+ feed, but in case you missed it:
Professional women brewers groups in England and a the U.S. got together at their respective breweries earlier this month to brew a rye beer they're calling "Unite." The beer is due to be tapped on March 22. It isn't clear whether all the participating breweries will have an event to acknowledge it, or if they're only being held regionally.
Frankly, I didn't have the energy to surf all the websites so I figured I'd let you guys know and you could click on the brewery nearest you. If you go, please send photos. For my part, I'll be at the all grain demonstration sponsored by Xtreme Brewing in Laurel, Del.
What's cool about these grain demos is they allow the dilettante in my to come out. I get to hang out with homebrewers, taste some quality craft beer and talk to some of the brightest brewers in the region. Brewing, per se, is not my thing. I am a collector of other people's hobbies, and this is one of the hobbies I most enjoy collecting.
If you're in the area and are interested in coming to the event, there are instructions at the end of the blog for how to register. It's free and it's always a blast.
So, now, it's first things third.
Boxer Light from Minhas Brewery was on sale at my local liquor store two for a dollar. Seeing the sign, I had to find out what 50 cent beer tasted like. It wasn't bad. I noticed that it didn't have that sweetness endemic to most light beers. Doug, who sells an American Light beer extract kit as well as "Crab Beer" kit for making light beers, said the sweetness is by design, and not inattention as I thought.
It opened up a discussion about hops in American light beers and the notion of a target market. The goal of craft beer is to find a way to convince increasing numbers of the light beer target market that beers can be light without being sweet.
Boxer Light is a perfectly drinkable beer. It has flavor without being sweet at all, which was a surprise for me.

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If you are or know anyone who is interested in taking a brewing basics class (the class is free and lots of fun) have them reserve a space here. Taking a class is the best way to figure out whether homebrewing is for you. Many people take several before trying on their own at home.