Friday, December 27, 2013

Episode 4: Respect the yeast

In this week's episode, we meet Edd Draper, who brews British style beers. Edd's interest in flavor targets has allowed him reproduce many of his favorites and to make educated guesses when working with historical recipes. We also discuss the affects yeast can have on a brew, how to cultivate it (and how often), and what makes it such a potentially wild card.
In the news, we discuss the recent report that #homebrewing may be a cure for cabin fever. Doug also announces upcoming brewing classes at Xtreme Brewing in Laurel.

The idea behind the Beer with Strangers podcast is to document and broadcast the personal stories about the brewing experience. Each week we'll have a guest of varying skill level to share their latest brew and discuss their foibles and successes. In the process, we'll discuss brewing with Doug and he'll answer brewing questions. If there's time we'll also recount State of the Beer featured brewing news.
If you'd like to submit a brewing question (or arrange to call in with one) reach out to me here. If you would care to subscribe on iTunes, click here (your iTunes window will open, don't be afraid). If you are or know anyone who is interested in taking a brewing basics class (the class is free and lots of fun) have them reserve a space here. Taking a class is the best way to figure out whether homebrewing is for you. Many people take several before trying on their own at home.