Saturday, April 26, 2014

Episode 19: Mispillion River Brewing

Even though I know I'm not as clever as I believe I am, I'm still even less clever than that. This week, Doug and I were able to secure an interview with +Eric williams [sic] of +Mispillion River Brewing who was a charming, fun informative guest. But technical difficulties made him sound as if he were in a tin can. So before I break down the show, I have to recommend and thank the new version of +Audacity® which saved the interview and pulled Eric's voice out of the chaos my poor connection created. Anyway, I think we have the problem licked for now (again) but only time will tell.

In this week's show, Eric takes us through the Mispillion River Brewing startup process. We talk about +SCORE Mentors contribution, which is important because I think when it's all said and done, SCORE will have had a bigger hand in the craft brewing boom and (hopefully) its sustainability than we realize right now. But, credit where it's due, SCORE doesn't brew beers and, as I believe most craft beer drinkers are discovering, no matter how solid a brewery's business plan, if the beer doesn't cut it, it's all for naught.
One of the big pieces of news, that I think might have been under reported regionally, is that Mispillion's Beach Bum Joe took the silver in the American-Belgian style category at last the 2014 World Beer Competition. Eric credited his brewers, Jared Barnes and Ryan Maloney, for the win but <editorialize> too many startups don't often have the courage to pay the right talent </editorialize>. When brewers are recognized by their peers, it adds a layer of credibility. High marks on a beer isn't a matter of aesthetics or luck, and that's really the takeaway message.
Eric also spoke about his renewed involvement with the homebrewing community. If you visit our friends at Delmarva United Homebrewers, they'll be having an event there. It's easy to get invited, just ask.
In other news, Doug and I discussed the upcoming Big Brew and he confirmed that the folks at Third Wave Brewing are providing space for brewing Saturday. DUH also has space but homebrewers should contact both before showing up at either with their gear. If you're not familiar, the Big Brew is an event where all the homebrewers in the country are encouraged to make one of three recipes and then log them on the +American Homebrewers Association website as a way of documenting how many gallons were brewed that day.
Finally, mark your calendars for June 6, which will be the Big Brag at Xtreme Brewing in Laural. The Big Brag is an opportunity for homebrewers who participated in the Big Brew to share their finished produce with their peers and friends as much to compare tastes as to have an excuse to drink great beer in the sun.
If you're interested in being the next call-in guest on the show or you'd like to come in and share a beer with us, email me here, or message me on +State of the Beer. The show's Facebook page is Beer with Strangers and we're "@beerwstrangers" on Twitter.
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If you are or know anyone who is interested in taking a brewing basics class (the class is free and lots of fun) have them reserve a space here. Taking a class is the best way to figure out whether homebrewing is for you. Many people take several before trying on their own at home.