Sunday, January 12, 2014

Episode 6: Technical Difficulties

This week's show features homebrewer and beer entrepreneur +Thomas Monti, but just barely. We had some technical problems that made us have to find a workaround to get him on the show. Once we did, we were able to speak to him about his upcoming venture, a growler and bottle shop that also carries homebrew supplies. While apparently not uncommon in Georgia, where Thomas lives, here in Maryland, stores that care craft beer exclusively are someplace between nonexistent and rare.
Regular listeners will know we love talking about the learning process, and Thomas tells more than a few entertaining stories about beer gone wrong, including a lesson he learned in fat solubility when making a bacon porter.
Coincidentally, the studio show's theme was workarounds, stemming from a conversation earlier in the week about the need for blow-off tubes. Doug and I discuss their use as well as some tips and tricks for keeping the fermenting beer under control.
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